"The best doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet."

Wayne Fields

Kids Yoga Class

Yoga is a fun way for children to develop skills in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. It can be a great remedy for the tension associated with daily stressors and an important facilitator of healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development. During the class, there is complete absence of judgement and competition. This unconditional positive regard and encouragement creates a nourishing environment, allowing children to relax and have fun whilst developing strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and increase body awareness.

These playful classes will leave your kiddos happy and inspired. Kids will learn how to do animal poses, play games, story-telling, music, songs, dance, breathing exercise and relaxation. Children will strengthen their bodies while they cultivate confidence, awareness, focus and love.

Benefits of Kids Yoga

Flexibility and Balance

Yoga poses have been shown to build muscle, increase flexibility, and develop balance. Poses are done sitting, standing, or lying down and each pose is designed to focus on strengthening the body in various ways.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Yoga blends physical activity with breathwork and guided mindful activities to help children separate themselves from feeling stressed or anxious. Deep breathing exercises send signals to the brain telling it to relax. Yoga focuses on the present moment and encourages children to leave their thoughts and worries behind. With a relaxed body and mind children are better able to cope with their emotions, i.e. frustration, patience, sad, angry, excited.

Yoga is Non-Competitive

Yoga teaches kids that their bodies are different; different bodies do different things and all of them are okay. There is no one better or worse at yoga than anyone else; we are all just exploring our bodies and learning from them in our own way. Yoga is truly for every body.

Acceptance and Tolerance

Yoga teaches acceptance and tolerance of others. In practicing yoga, kids learn early in life that all living beings are to be cherished and respected as they are, thus helping to create more peaceful local communities and a more peaceful world in our future.

Concentration and Focus

Yoga teaches kids to be present, to concentrate and focus on their breathing. When practicing poses in yoga children must clear their minds and focus on moving their bodies into the pose or through a sequence of poses. Children’s yoga classes often incorporate mindful games which allows them to build on their focus in a fun and entertaining way.

Yoga Teaches Calming Techniques

Yoga teaches healthy breathing techniques and tools to focus the mind and learn how to apply those tools in their everyday lives and to react appropriately to any situation.

Creating Mind-Body Connections

​In yoga, kids are encouraged to tune in to their bodies and notice how they really feel in each present moment. They build this connection through simple movements like wiggling their toes. They will learn how their body, mind, and breath all work together to make them feel like their best self both on and off the yoga mat.

Kids Yoga Public Class Rate

Recommended No. of Pax: 2 to 10
Single Class: S$25 per child
5 Class Pack: S$115 ($23 per child per session)
10 Class Pack: S$200 ($20 per child per session)

Kids Yoga Private Class Rate

Recommended No. of Pax: 2 to 4
​For Private class, please send your request

Terms & Conditions:

  • Non-transferable, non-refundable
  • Booking of class has to be made 3 days in advance, and subjected to availability
  • Each class duration is 60 mins
  • 5 classes pack expires in 2 months
  • 10 classes pack expires in 4 months

Changes or cancellation of classes:

  • Notices made 24 hours prior to scheduled class time, no charges will be incurred.
  • Notices made less than 24 hours prior to scheduled class time, 100% of class fee will be chargeable.
Whatsapp +65 82226834 or send your details to book a class with us.

Share your concerns, your purpose of learning Yoga and include a proposed date, time and location you wish to have your lessons.
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