"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

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Join me in my Wu Tao Dance workshops to maintain emotional balance, peace of mind and a healthy body in this stressful and busy life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Wu Tao Dance different to yoga or Tai Chi?

Wu Tao Dance is unique in that it uses dance as the primary way to move Qi energy through the body. Dance is movement done to music and the original music composed by Australian composer Steve Richter, has been especially designed to help stimulate the flow of energy. The dances are learned and then performed to the beautiful melodic music which corresponds with the particular energy and quality of the element for which it is used. The end result is an experience of beauty, harmony and balance, physically, energetically and mentally, during and after performing the dances.

Must I be a dancer to join Wu Tao Dance?

No dance experience required. You will be encouraged to work with your body’s own limitations and adapt the movements as necessary. It is your willingness to let go and surrender to the dance movements to restore your energy, balance and joy to your life and allow your body to enjoy the music and the dance. With steady practice over a few short months you will feel confident in your movements, with better balance, strength and improved flexibility.

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