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Family Yoga Class

Family Yoga helps to connect and bring the family together to bond over a fun and relaxing yoga poses and games. Through this activity your family engaged through touch, loving gestures, communication and support to enjoy and engaged in.

What Are The Benefits of Family Yoga?

Family Bonding

Family Yoga enables your family to bond while keeping healthy at the same time.

Stress Relief

The communication skills and loving connections developed during the safe and relaxed atmosphere of the yoga class will go a long wat in serving the family during stressful times.

Unites Family

Sometimes we might not agree with our family on certain issues. Overtime, this can cause members to drift apart from each other. Family Yoga comes into play as it is able to unite the family by giving them a common ground.

Build New Communities

Family Yoga is an opportunity to meet other parents and create a new community of like-minded people.

Family Yoga PUBLIC Class Rate

Recommended No. of Pax: 2 to 4 per family
Single Class: S$100
5 Class Pack: S$400 ($80 per session)
10 Class Pack: S$700 ($70 per session)

Family Yoga PRIVATE Class Rate

Recommended No. of Pax: 2 to 4 per family
For Private class, please send your request 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Non-transferable, non-refundable
  • Booking of class has to be made 3 days in advance, and subjected to availability
  • Each class duration is 60 mins
  • 5 classes pack expires in 2 months
  • 10 classes pack expires in 4 months

Changes or cancellation of classes:

  • Notices made 24 hours prior to scheduled class time, no charges will be incurred.
  • Notices made less than 24 hours prior to scheduled class time, 100% of class fee will be chargeable.
Whatsapp +65 82226834 or send your details to book a class with us.

Share your concerns, your purpose of learning Yoga and include a proposed date, time and location you wish to have your lessons.
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