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Join me on this exploratory yogic and dance journey to maintain a healthy, balanced life with a calm, peaceful mind and an open heart, the fun way!

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I am writing to express my heartfelt gratefulness for Linda as a yoga teacher. Her Yin Yoga classes are so blissful and nourishing for soul. Each class provides new postures and lovely inspirational words for reflection while softening into each posture – a true opportunity to decompress and breathe deeply after a long day.

Linda herself is so lovely as a person, authentic in her interest and concern for the needs of each individual student, and, exceptionally talented as a teacher. I can’t say enough about the value of her teaching, and approach by which she carries her class through. Her teaching style continues to emerge from the heart, as she delivers words and poetry with honesty and inspiration.

On behalf of the Samasthah team, thank you for teaching at our yoga studio – our students absolutely love your classes and you!

Lots of love,
Founder of Samasthah

Q1:       What makes you join Wu Tao Therapy Dance?

Ans:     It was by chance. I am supposed to look for Mindfulness course but               signed up Wu Tao Therapy Dance.

Q2:       How did the dance benefit you?

Ans:     It helped me to destress, focus and gave confidence.  I felt happy                   and relax after the dance. I looked forward going for the dance class.

Q3:       What to you like most about the dance?

Ans:     I had my “ME” time, a breather for me to be away from my daily                       tasks. I enjoyed the company of teacher Linda and participant                         Sandy. They encouraged me to focus in co-ordinate my steps.

Q4:      What about the instructor?

Ans:     Linda is very approachable, patient, encouraging, friendly, jovial                      and attentive.

Wu Tao Dance Participant

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